[PA-Furry] Board Game Meet

Tigress zeia_vaine at yahoo.com
Mon May 8 22:32:29 EDT 2000

--- "\"Paul \\\"Kooky\\\" Mason\""
<kooky at monmouth.com> wrote:
>     A big hellos to everyone I met out there!  Had a
> great time and hope
> to see ya's all again soon.  Thanks for the crash
> space and the offered
> crash space and the candy and drawing (mrrrr), the
> laughs the cries and
> swords sticking out of people's arms, etc. etc.  :) 
> Hehe.
> --
> Paul "Kooky" Mason
> Kooky at monmouth.com
> ICQ Online 17479916
Hey thats not my fault. Well not entirely anyways. He
told me to throw him a sword. So I threw a sword at
him. Can I help that he has a hard time catching sharp
objects that are flying at him? Oh and the next time
my husband wants a dagger I promise that i will not
try to mess with the big guys head.

Little Tigress Foo Foo runnin through the forest, picking up the field mice and popping them into her mouth.
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