[PA-Furry] whats PA like?

Sam Lienhard vulpsturm at yahoo.com
Wed May 10 22:54:55 EDT 2000

--- Sibierius <Sibierius at netzero.net> wrote:
> why thank you kindly sam, this is good to hear 8-)
> heeh are cherry bombs
> "the mufflers not the explosives" are they legal?
> please ohh please let
> them be	 

Well, see that's the whole thing :)  If you live
somewhere like Allentown (well, out of allentown), or
out in the semi-suburbs (suburbs/country) then you can
usually find a mom and pop garage with some kids doing
inspections for the state--here you need both
inspections and emmissions-- then they might just look
the other way, or maybe greasing their palm :)

heck, my friend runs around with heavy tinted windows
and blue headlights and just got his inspection today,
the only problem was the brakes not up to specs. 

Pa is a real car friendly state too ;)


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