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> I see your logic, don't get me wrong.
> >Just because they don't do all the paper work
> doesn't
> >mean they're "anti-government"  They're usually run
> by
> >kids
> But I really disagre with you there, having never
> had a vehicle inspected by
> a "kid".  There is a significant anti-big-brother
> sentiment in NE & central
> PA.  Shit, as a volunteer firefighter I was told
> "you're not putting out MY
> fire" by someone who felt screwed by he courts and
> wanted to collect some
> insurance money.
> Just an example,
> - BillCat

Yup, l've done the Volunteer Firefighting thing to,
never got told that before, of course the people
around here aren't anti government, it's just where
you live.


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