[PA-Furry] FurryICQ hits the 450 user mark!

Simba simba at idirect.com
Wed May 31 19:25:05 EDT 2000

     FurryICQ, the ICQ users' list just for us furries, has finally hit the
450 user mark.
     Feel free to visit this site anytime!
     It's a good way to find new furry friends that use ICQ, and has helped
many furs find others nearby in the real world! :X)
     Additionally, it plays host to many, many links that lead to these
furs' home pages, acting like a sort of hub to the furry internet community.
     If you'd like to join up, please let me know!
     The URL is...
     Take care!

Benjamin of FurryFaire, SPR, FurryMUCK, Tapestries, and more!
benjamin at furart.org                      ICQ#: 447123
Benji's Studio: http://benjamin.furart.org/studio/
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          RLA a26 cn++ d- e++ f++ h* iwf+++ j p sm#

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