[PA-Furry] Pa Rennaissance faire trip.

Chuck Lochel clochel at netaxs.com
Tue Sep 5 17:45:21 EDT 2000

I'm pretty sure I'm going, unless something else comes up. Can you post all
the info when you get who else is going, as well as meeting places? From
that list, the only one I recognize (and would recognize me) would be Kage.
If Kooky's going, he knows me too....


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> Can I have a response from those furries going??
> I know Uncle Kage is going.
> and SK-1 is going I think.
> Tigress is going as far as I know..
> I think snow is also going..
> WHo is all going. Please reply. <G>
> I have my tickets already. <G>
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