[PA-Furry] About my harfy camera....

Film2Edit at aol.com Film2Edit at aol.com
Tue Sep 5 20:53:30 EDT 2000

Okay, if anyone remembers this, my camera at Memphit this yr had a small 
problem. It was only shooting between 12 to 14 pictures, or none at all. I 
figured out what happened.

The last roll I shot off I noticed it kept staying on #14, and staying. Guess 
what? The counter is broken. The camera is fine. As fer the none at all, I 
have NO clue. Guess I rewound it and forgot about it. ::shrugs::

Now, why am I emailing lists this? Well, in my paranoia, I dropped off all 8 
rolls (yes, I found the missing roll), including 3 misc. rolls. At the 
moment, I have 4 of my MFM rolls. Scanning them starts tomorrow. Will post an 
address when they are up. (Timber, the portrait I took of you looks really 
great.) Merp.

Talk 2 u later-Erika

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