[PA-Furry] Fur looking for Den

Camstone Fox camstone at email.com
Fri Sep 8 18:34:12 EDT 2000

Forwarded for a furiend....please reply to him directly as he's not on the

    Camstone Fox
    (Down DC way)

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Subject:     PA furs?
From:        Tirran <grizelda at vianet.on.ca>
Newsgroups:  alt.lifestyle.furry
Date:        Tue, 05 Sep 2000 08:48:16 -0400

     Anyone here live not too far from Harrisburg PA? Need to be in the
area at the end of this month, and accomodations are kinda pricey
thanks to the Carlisle Automotive Flea Market, being as that's where
I'll be going.

on the road again if it doesn't rain

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