[PA-Furry] Update on the Pa Rennaissance Faire trip

Paul \"Kooky\" Mason kooky at monmouth.com
Sat Sep 9 12:26:06 EDT 2000

Deanna Stango wrote:

> yea...we should all hang out...I go to school at 17th
> and Spting Garden.
> ~Snow
> --- Chuck Lochel <clochel at netaxs.com> wrote:
> > And I work at Pennsylvania Hospital at 8th and
> > Spruce ;).
> >
> > Kooky- we still should meet up sometime when I'm
> > working ;)

    Would love to.  Just have to figure out when.  Two weeks left in
this quarter and I've been non-stop busy.  Acks.  But getting there.
:)  But sure, should set something up.

Paul "Kooky" Mason
Kooky at monmouth.com
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