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Sat Sep 9 23:03:29 EDT 2000

--- Giza aka Doug Muth <giza at claws-and-paws.com>
> On Sat, Sep 09, 2000 at 08:43:26PM -0400, Paul
> \Kooky\ Mason" wrote: 
> >    True, can't really compare the two as so many
> difference.  Though they
> >must be doing something right.  Handful of murders
> a year only and like almost
> >non-existant drug problems.  Still baffles me how
> it's working for them but
> >it's been that way for years 'n years now. *shrugs*
> 	Yeah, except for that little
> nerve-gas-in-the-subway incident. ;-)

In looking at a country such as Japan, you're looking
at it through american eyes.  In Japan, the people are
more willing to put up with the police.  Over there,
police can just come into your house with no warrent. 
They try that over here, and get sued by everyone. 
Just look at Japan's history, you can see that they
don't do stuff the way other countries do it.  It's a
good thing too, Imagine a world full of rude, crude,
and ignorant people like americans wandering around. 


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