Marin de Fur (aka Jon Clauss) marin at claws-and-paws.com
Fri Sep 22 21:38:07 EDT 2000

   Yess fellow furs it is time once again for that event which occurs 
every Even numbered month on the second full weekend. I know 
this is prolly short notice once again but it's TIME FOR THE BI-
The Dates of the meet are

     13th-              -14th-              -15th-          -16th
Friday night-  All of Saturday-  and Sunday - Monday Wha your still 

And yes these are October dates I'm talking about..

Schedule of events..:


Plan to show up some time Friday afternoon.. Like any time after 
noonish  or so....till as late as you want we'll be expecting furs all 
into the night..

Saturday and sunday... nothing set in stone as yet

Sunday night into Monday.... Possibly go to dorney after 5pm 
Sunday (unless everyone would prefur to go on Saturday) and then 
Stay or Leave as you wish.....

At any rate we're still coming up with all sorts of things to do other 
then the movies. 

So far we could if no one has any objections:
1.(le sigh) go to a movie....
2. Go to dorney park
3. All stay here cuddle and then play one hell of a game of twister.
4. Play Iron claw.
5. A small group of people I'm quite sure go shooting.
6. Network games and any board games you may happen to bring 
along with you.
7. Movies (DVD, Laserdisc, VHS), Con videos, and any thing else 
you think a furry audience might possibly want to watch please feel 
free to bring.
8. Should anyone else have ANY ideas PLEASE TELL THEM TO 

Meet Directions...
In most cases we will leave any last moment directions on the 
door.. but in 
most cases we should be either at our house or dorney..

*For all places (including Internet mapping directions) follow 
from here:*

1. If you're going west on 78 make a right onto Hamilton if you're 
going east make a left.
2. Take Hamilton Blvd up the hill and into Allentown.
3. Keep and eye out for a Big grey stone church on your right at 
one of the stop lights that's 13th St  Make a left there.
4. Go about one or two blocks and you'll see a small parking lot on 
your left PARK THERE. (The Girls club has told us that they do not 
enforce parking policy on weekends so you will not get ticketed or 
towed. If however your car is still there on Monday morning, you're 
on your own.) 
5. You will see the Girls club on the corner and a fire stone on the 
other side of 13th St. Our house is the second one down on the 
same side as the parking lot. It's House #120.

>From NYC, Northern NJ area: 

1. Best route to 78E into PA get off at Hamilton Blvd Exit and go to 
the right towards dorney park.
2. Follow remaining directions above...

>From Southern NJ:

1. Take the best route to 276W
2. Take 276W to the Northeast extension (476N) toward Allentown 
(and Dorney Park) 
3. Take 476 to the lehigh valley exit and take 22E towards allentown
4. Take the first exit you come to which will be for 309S towards 
5. It will join up with 78E
6. Take the far right lane right into the exit for Hamilton Blvd. and 
make a left towards dorney park.
7. Follow remaining directions above...

>From Anywhere in PA:

1. Take best route to Hamilton Blvd and Dorney Park in Allentown 
2. Take the hamilton blvd exit and turn towards Dorney Park
3. After you've passed it on your left 
.Follow remaining directions above...

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