[PA-Furry] silvermoonwolf

Chris (Foxx) Yost cyost at csonline.net
Mon Sep 25 15:43:55 EDT 2000

> take the bus, good idea...if i can come at all, just found out the friggin
"autum leaf festival" might be the same weekend and my family WON'T miss
it...so i'll probably have to be there. as far as i know it's like the big
town event in a small town, like i care. i'll do what i can to possibly worm
my way out of it and maybe come, but it's lookin bleak right now...

I'll be at the Autumn Leaf Festival parade, my Number One Son marches in it.
Weather permitting, I'll be wearing my black Sabrina T-shirt and a
Pittsburgh Penguin's jacket.

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