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>> take the bus, good idea...if i can come at all, just found out the friggin
>"autum leaf festival" might be the same weekend and my family WON'T miss
>it...so i'll probably have to be there. as far as i know it's like the big
>town event in a small town, like i care. i'll do what i can to possibly worm
>my way out of it and maybe come, but it's lookin bleak right now...
>I'll be at the Autumn Leaf Festival parade, my Number One Son marches in it.
>Weather permitting, I'll be wearing my black Sabrina T-shirt and a
>Pittsburgh Penguin's jacket.
>                         Author:  "Sabrina Online: The Story", "Tabitha"
>                         http://www.furnation.com/chrisfoxx
>                         http://www.sephiroth.com/chrisfoxx (Official
What is The autumn leaf festival ? and where?...

Worldforger a.k.a
The ever loving Gold-eyed Storm

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