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Mon Jun 4 21:12:46 EDT 2001

We'll I apologize at the lateness of this post.. Many of you were more on top 
of the meet schedule than we were.. Call it laziness of certain persons, but 
the good thing is that many of you that have been hounding us for directions 
will now know how to get here..

If you can't tell already,, this meet will be a lot smaller than usual 
because of our late notice. But hopefully we can actually sit down and relax 
for once, play some games, instead of rushing off somewhere every 5 min.. 
Another words we don't have much planed..hehe :)

Plan on trying to bring the following to the meet:

A Sleeping bag.. (it's a big house. And there usually is a lot of crash 
space. but we have a new puppy, and she's taken up what used to be known as 
the guest room.)

Pillow and other sleeping implements. ( we do have extra pillows and blankets 
and sheets but not many extra maybe enough for 3 other people but I'm not 
Jesus and it aein't fish...)

Towel (if you plan on showering)

Video's, DVD's, Laser Disc's (furry prefurred, but if you like it and think 
others will too feel free to drag it along)

Games (i would really like this to take root, we had a blast when tigress 
held here game party here, i think we can have a blast again.. we'll set 
aside time if games are brought)

Ironclaw: (if you like playing or have a character or RP equip bring it along 
as well, cause you never know..another thing I wish we could do more of).

Swim Trunks if you plan on going into the waterpark at dorney.


Friday: if you plan on arriving some time on Friday, try to be here in the 
Afternoon (after 5ish) someone should be here. This is not an Official meet 
day so nothing is majority planned.. be prepared to watch movies, play 
ironclaw, PS2, boardgames, etc..

Saturday: Usually Vulp hosts his little invite only gun shoot to the woods so 
if you want to attend, contact Vulpsturm (*and no I can't give out his 
e-mail*)... I don't plan on going I have NO ammo..

Many of you are incapable of waking up before 12:00 pm but that's ok..me 
neither. But we will try to see if we can organize people for breakfast at 
about 9:00ish, and if that is not succsessfull we'll try again at 12:00ish. 
at that point the shoot should be somewhat over and heading back.... Now 
nothing is planned until after 5:00pm at that time we will be heading over to 
Dorney Park, the water park is open until 7:00ish and the actual amusement 
park is open until 11:00pm


Same as Saturday, but it's off to the movies if everybody is willing. I hear 
"Animal" is out as well as "Shreck" and anything we may find when we get 

Monday..well you should be gone.. but if your still here feel free crash..but 
be warned most of us work so you'll be bored out of your mind..

___________________________RULES OF THE HOUSE______________________

OK this is really a response to past meets.. we do tend to learn from our 
mistakes, and just from seeing what works and what doesn't..

Liquor: OK this will be heavily monitored.. HEAVILY..if you want to drink 
here FINE so be it.. but under our terms.. Any alcohol brought to the house 
will be stored by us and administered by us.. you can have what ever left at 
the end of the meet. But if we see you've had enough that's it..no more until 
we think you've dried up a bit..

Firearms: This has actually never been a problem.. But one or two of you have 
a very active fantasy imagination.. And I'd hate to lend and credence to 
those persons accusations.. SO if you do have a REAL fire arm, you will turn 
it in to me, I will give it back at anytime you want it, or you leave for the 
range, or you're leaving for good. Some of you have permits to conceal a 
firearm FINE.. I don't care if you have it on you but empty the weapon and 
remove the clip.. you may keep both, on your person if you feel compelled to 
but not loaded..k..

Oh well now if I haven't scared you all off ... I think that's it for the 

Nudity: try to remain clothed, I really don't care.. But if it becomes 
general consensus that your nudity is not wanted ..you will be asked nicely 
to dress..

In most cases we will leave any last moment directions on the 
door.. but in 
most cases we should be at our house...

*For all places (including Internet mapping directions) follow 
from here:*

1. If you're going west on 78 make a right onto Hamilton if you're 
going east make a left.
2. Take Hamilton Blvd up the hill and into Allentown.
3. Keep and eye out for a Big grey stone church on your right at 
one of the stop lights that's 13th St Make a left there.
4. Go about one or two blocks and you'll see a small parking lot on 
your left PARK THERE. (The Girls club has told us that they do not 
enforce parking policy on weekends so you will not get ticketed or 
towed. If however your car is still there on Monday morning, you're 
on your own.) 
5. You will see the Girls club on the corner and a fire stone on the 
other side of 13th St. Our house is the second one down on the 
same side as the parking lot. It's House #120.

>From NYC, Northern NJ area: 

1. Best route to 78E into PA get off at Hamilton Blvd Exit and go to 
the right towards dorney park.
2. Follow remaining directions above...

>From Southern NJ:

1. Take the best route to 276W
2. Take 276W to the Northeast extension (476N) toward Allentown 
(and Dorney Park) 
3. Take 476 to the lehigh valley exit and take 22E towards allentown
4. Take the first exit you come to which will be for 309S towards 
5. It will join up with 78E
6. Take the far right lane right into the exit for Hamilton Blvd. and 
make a left towards dorney park.
7. Follow remaining directions above...

>From Anywhere in PA:

1. Take best route to Hamilton Blvd and Dorney Park in Allentown 
2. Take the hamilton blvd exit and turn towards Dorney Park
3. After you've passed it on your left 
.Follow remaining directions above...


We do try to get everyone to chip in for pizza/chinese/anything order out, 
but that's about it.. Our fridge is usually open to snacking..if you can find 

Feel free to bring snacks..PLEASE BRING SNACKS..you can only get so much meat 
from a house cat..

Any other dinning arrangements are up to you.

*Carpooling* if you need a ride let me know I will try to get you myself or 
find someone near you heading our way to get you...

Dorney: brief note, Dorney is ?$13.50? after 5:00pm so we'll have all night 
to hang out there. the water park if free with admission and there are 
changing rooms, so if you want bring a set of cloths and some swim trunks

*hugs* from everyone here at 13th Street..i'm sure I've mentioned 
everything..but I'm sure someone will let me know if I've missed anything..

Bussaca & Marin
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