[PA-Furry] w'sup ericmouse :-)

Tim Stackhouse tesfox at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 6 04:35:31 EDT 2001

for any of you newbies who don't know me, I'm Matt Prower (16/M) and i live 
in western south jersey, right across the river from philly(i could walk 
down the street, rent a boat and go to philly in mabye 10-15 mins...) so i 
think ikinda qualify as a PAfur...

Keep in touch.


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>Unfortunately, according to my PA state map, you are on the western side of 
>the state (near Ohio) and I'm on the eastern side of the state (near New 
>Jersey). So, I'm a lot farther away from you than that furmeet in 
>Allentown. So, for you to be seeing me, it would be impossable for you.
>Erik Mouse
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>   yo man, w'sup? it looks like i'm not the only person that's thinking of
>   having furmeets eventually. since i'm still in the dorms it's not 
>   for me though. i'm wondering if you're closer than allentown since i
>   DEFINATELY can't get there. i go to clarion university in Clarion Pa 
>   year) and in the summer i live in New Castle Pa...yeah, and i don't 
>drive yet
>   unfortunately, but will soon. write me back on my normal email or 
>message me
>   on AOL/AIM. my screen name is SILVERMOONWOLF19
>   peace out :-)

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