[PA-Furry] FurryICQ!

Benjamin benjamin at furry.ca
Fri Jun 15 21:41:25 EDT 2001

     Just a quickie announcement here to let you all know that FurryICQ is
still kickin' about. ;X)
     It has recently reached the 800 member mark! Woohoo! It just keeps on
growing and growing!
     What's FurryICQ, you ask?
     Well, it's an ICQ users' list dedicated to sharing the ICQ contact
numbers of anyfur who wishes to join in the project. It's a great way to
find fellow furry fans! With a bit of effort, one can find furs that local
to themselves as well.
     Where's it at?
     On the web, of course!
     There's also a FurryICQ ActiveList associated with the site that
everyfur is welcome to make use of. You can find more information on it if
you follow the URL given above. :X)

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