[PA-Furry] Camp Feral and Mephit Furmeet - And Kane Fox Furmeet?

Giza aka Doug Muth giza at claws-and-paws.com
Tue Oct 2 18:56:27 EDT 2001

On Tue, Oct 02, 2001 at 02:52:02AM -0400, Erik Mouse wrote: 
>This has brought up a serious question and concern for me since after they
>happened. The concern is that they both appeared to be conflicting each
>other. The dates of Camp Feral were Aug 22 - Aug 26 and the dates of Mephit
>Furmeet were Aug 31 - Sep 03, and appeared one weekend after the other
>(about 4 days apart from each other).
>My question is, why were they being held like this and why didn't the fur
>reconize the possible conflict? 

	As a staff member for Feral, our date is often dictated by things
outside of our control, such as availablility of the camp that we use.  I
can assure you that it's not our intention to conflict with other furry

>If they have been a lot of furs going to
>Camp Feral, wouldn't it become a serious money problem for furs to be
>heading straight for Mephit Furmeet right after Camp Feral?

	Possibly, it depends on how much money you have, of course. :-)


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