[PA-Furry] The Bi-Monthly Furmeet House in Allentown, PA

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Hey, I do also, you are a great person, it is a pity that I moved farther away from you otherwise I would make a trek and visit and the way I travel it would ahve beena  trek from where I live before. But I still like you, you are cool to me.
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  Hi, I am writing to see if anyone around here still likes me. I am a mouse with serious damaged reputation due to a misused *.sig. There is also rumors going around about me that makes me want to leave for good that say that I'm a very dangerous furson, which they are lies. To discharge those rumors and lies, I have sent a snail mail letter to the Bi-Monthly Furmeet house in Allentown, PA to get a furmeet set up for me. Currently, all I have is that no one there objects to that. But, right now I am looking for anyone in connection with the Bi-Monthly Furmeet house or the furs that are there to see what is going on in regards to the furmeet and to prepare for a possible overload of furs coming to find out how nice I am and to discharge all rumors about me. There, you will learn how nice I am and having some silly fun with some anthro mice plushies of my (Kane Fox may even show for more fun and talk of future furmeets). Please come to it when the dates are decided are are in stone.

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