[PA-Furry] The Bi-Monthly Furmeet House in Allentown, PA

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Sat Oct 27 22:59:35 EDT 2001

Yeah, Mouse. You seem decent. And what's this about your  sig?
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    Hi, I am writing to see if anyone around here still likes me. I am a
mouse with serious damaged reputation due to a misused *.sig. There is also
rumors going around about me that makes me want to leave for good that say
that I'm a very dangerous furson, which they are lies.

  Well i'm not one who's UP on current furry afairs...but this is the first
i've heard of it.. i'm sure i'll be corrected.. but i really wouldn't be
putting up such bad press about yourself.. i've meet you and you seem to a
very decent person..\

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