[PA-Furry] The Bi-Monthly Furmeet House in Allentown, PA

Camstone Fox camstone at email.com
Sun Oct 28 11:26:26 EST 2001

> Second.. you are the one pushing this bad person thing.. I have MEET you
and you are a
> GOOD PERSON.. if someone is ruining your name then you have a serious

Unfortunately, Erik is doing this to himself by taking this to the forum at
alt.lifestyle.furry. On top if that, he has told both Smrgol and I to "get

> if someone is SO stupid that the! y would dump there freindship over a sig
> read once or twice in a e-mail you don't need them as freinds..

I wholeheartedly agree... which is why I've ended my friendship with Erik.

> But hey that my opinion..i'm sure this won't even make a mark..

~shrugs~ I personally would like Erik to have followed suggestions I gave
him long ago on how to handle himself. But if he's going to be rude,
uncivil, and a lier... why should I keep him as a friend?

Since you've met him, maybe you can describe some of his positive
characteristics? I'd love to come up to a PA-Furry meet (I live down in DC)
and find out I am really dead wrong about him. But if he's anything like his
online personae, I'm not sure I'd ever want to get to know him.

    Camstone Fox (The guy who showed you the fox tail in the dealers room at
MFM last year)

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