[PA-Furry] The Bi-Monthly Furmeet House in Allentown, PA

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> BTW, is there a PA-Furry meet planned?...I missed the details if there is
> one.... 

Good Question!!! 

all i can say speaking for the PA furhouse.. SOON!!! we hope to get back on 
track by the start of next year!!! ok we still are in somewhat of a bind here 
in PA trying to keep our heads above the bills... and with furs comeing and 
going here and not keeping jobs for any long streach of time (guilty) it not 
been easy..

So recently our house has been..hmm a con hotel.. it's someone elses meets 
HERE,, so other than Erikmouse's meet (dates unknown), and ryvens in December 
we personally don't have anything planned..tigress just held a hollween party 
here which sept a few straglers no one showed up to... but we all had fun..

Anyways.. by next year we should be back on track with our Bi-annual meets.. 
but more news as it happens..

Bussaca and everyone else..
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