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	Seen on ESF-L.  And hey, the Philly zoo is local to a lot of us!

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I traditionally try to make a trip to the local Zoo whenever I travel to a 
convention, however all the times I have been to AC, I have never visited 
the Philly Zoo. Their web page is at http://www.phillyzoo.org/ I am 
interested in organizing a trip there the Friday morning before AC. Anyone 
else interested in going? I am thinking of a middle-of-the-day trip, 
leaving the hotel just before lunch, and returning mid-afternoon in time 
for dinner and the fursuit dance and such. I only have room for 1 or 2 
others in the truck with me, so if you can arrange your own transportation, 
that would help out a lot. There is a $12.95 fee to enter the zoo, however, 
they do honor many other zoo association memberships for free or discounted 
entrance if you happen to be a member of a zoo someplace else.

I will post more info to my BBS: http://www.pandaguy.com/bbs/index.php


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