[PA-Furry] The annual who ya be and were ya live tread.

Camstone Fox camstone at dirtdeninn.org
Tue Jun 4 12:12:02 EDT 2002

Real Name: Pete Morrison & Mate (She's shy...)
Fan pen name: Camstone & Jenna Fox
Fandom occupation: Celtic red fox philosopher, fursuiter and all around nice
guy & mate. http://dirtdeninn.org
RL occupation: Government (DoD-Navy) Program Manager
Location: Washington DC area in Virginia (Ex-Pittsburgh resident, as I
needed a job!)
School attended: Geneva College (BS - Western PA),  Maryland (MS Studies),
GWU (Masters & Post-grad)
Anthrocon?: Yes, look for the red-red fox tail,
    and organizing a dinner Sunday Night...
(Also I like to keep in touch with the other local furry groups as I
organize http://novafur.com and travel up to visit furs in PA from time to
time... *waves to Bussaca, Marin, Erik, Giza, Swifty and other PA furs*)

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