[PA-Furry] They annual who ya be and were ya live tread. PT2

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Mon Jun 10 07:12:02 EDT 2002

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> Real Name: Aaron Tannen
> Fan pen name:Panthra Panther
> Fandom occupation: Amature artist and writer.
> RL occupation: None at this time.
> Location: Bronx, New York
> School attended: Still looking.
> Anthrocon? Yes, this will be my first time. 

Real Name : Daniel Swiss
Fan Pen Name: Canius Collie
Fandom Occupation: Writer and Beginner Artist (Gawd help me)
RL Occupation: College and Block Buster :)
Location : In Front of computer :) (West Chester PA)
School Attended : Temple University :)
Anthrocon: Yes I live there :)
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