[PA-Furry] am i the youngest member of claws-and-paws?!

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Tue Jun 18 20:42:11 EDT 2002

On 18 Jun 2002 at 19:32, Kitsune Le wrote:

> dont be affraid to say hi though, cuase ill probobly
> be really lonley, 
> in any case, if you'd like to say hi to me please do
> huh?

As general advice for going to one's first con, if you wait for other people to 
say hello to you, you'll spend a lonely weekend.  It's not that people are 
going to deliberately ignore you, but rather that it's a very busy time for 
everyone, with lots to do and see.  The regulars all know one another, and very 
few people are going to make a special effort to start a conversation with 
someone they don't know, when all of their friends that they so seldom see are 
all around.  Nobody knows you're a newbie, or alone - they just assume you're 
waiting for friends, etc.

Just standing around hoping someone will talk to you isn't much fun, and 
usually doesn't work.  Go to the stuff that interests you, introduce yourself, 
and start conversations.  The other people are all there for the same reason 
that you are - because they're interested in whatever that particular panel is 
about.  You've got something in common right there.

If you make the effort to meet people, a con can be the most fun you've ever 
had. Don't  be too shy to speak to well-known furs, either, and don't gush over 
them like a fanboy.  Be yourself, because they're people just like you.  I met 
one of my very best friends at a panel about Skunks at CF6, and if I'd known 
who he was when we started talking, I'd have prolly not have spoken my mind, 
and failed to gain a good friend thereby.

Above all, have a good time.  It's supposed to be fun :)

-Ostrich! <")  http://www.furnation.com/ostrich

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