[PA-Furry] am i the youngest member of claws-and-paws?!

amwireman amwireman at netzero.net
Fri Jun 21 23:12:02 EDT 2002

Sold! I don't work until 2 on Saturday but Dave and the kids should be here
after I go to work.


Off squirrel hunting with da wheels.

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> Byzantyn Here
> > Depends on how much you want for it. The next couple of months are tight
> > Camaro is about to expire and needs renewed.
> > Tigress
> Well, it's kind of difficult to negotiate a price when I'm offering it for
> free... :).  Renew your Camaro and keep the local squirrels on their toes
> *g*
> *hugs*
> Byz
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