[PA-Furry] Howls to everyone!

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Welcome welcome!

~Manic Advenacomis

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I say 'Why not?'" ~ George Bernard Shaw

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  Hey all,

      I've been lurking for a while and I thought I should finally say hi. I'm no good at intros but here
  goes...I found the list about a month ago after giving up hope and assuming all furries lived 
  outside of PA. I live in Erie and I'm a tech geek. ( anyone else in Erie? ) I found the furry code 1.3
  so here ya go. Sounds like a good ice breaker : > The auto code maker was down so I had to do it
  by hand. Hope its right! 

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  RLCT a c++++bn d+++ e+ f-- h- i+++ j+ p* sm+ 

      I'm really excited that there is a list for PA people to talk on. If anyone wants to know anything just ask. I really hope to talk to ya all soon!

  ~ Shadow Wolf
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