[PA-Furry] ok,I'll try this again...

Magnus fox Diridian magnuszhor at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 2 17:12:01 EST 2003

ok,furries,this saturday night is the night.come to
bridgeport,zip 19405,see able on yahoo! maps.anyone
know where holstein st is?that's the street.b.y.o.b.
if you wish,or i'll just have some stuff here already
but i buy cheap so it's nasty stuff.
this a just a get together for us types,it's a large
apartment so plenty of room should be able to have 7
or 8 easily.IF anyone's interested email me at
magnuszhor at yahoo.com so i can plan for ya.and feel
free to wear your fursuit,mine'll come out if anyone
asks,but no, a 6'2" fox is not going to answer the
door when you arrive,just me(for now)

heh heh...CAUSE IT'S DONE,all finished!!!

anyway,come on over,chill,have fun and i hope to have
something like this every saturday night.


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