Weekend Brunch? (was Re: [PA-Furry] fur meet)

Francis Henry Firestar frank_firestar at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 13 15:42:03 EST 2003

I guess you haven';t been reading the posts *sighs* It was on the 15th sincve when I have actuaklly came up with the idea.
 Joe Engledow <cedric at tigerden.com> wrote:Okay, so it's 11 a.m.

There's a lot of questions going around, I know I'm not the only one asking 
these questions because up till now I haven't seen an announcement that 
puts all three of these things together.

WHERE: Quakertown Family Diner (somewhere on 309)
WHO: Frank Firestar (ask for Frankie's party)
WHEN: 11 a.m. ... uh... some day

I'll bet if you made a hard-and-fast announcement, you'll be pleased with 
how many people decide to show up.

>> >Well I am the best fur to ask. Anyways the Place is Quakertown Family
>> >Diner and it is right on 309. After we might go bowling and Magnus said we
>> >could go to his house for a party if you guys want to... Well that is what
>> >is happening for the brunch.
>>Okay, well, you have Where, but not When or Who.
>>When is the brunch being held? (Date and Time)
>>Who do we ask for at the restaurant? (Has anyone called to tell them
>>they're going to have a party of 20 or so?)
>Ok about when I said it was 11 Am but not sure if anyone else knows about 
>it. That and when I get there (Which will be early of course for everyone 
>who makes it there early) Just ask for the Table with Frankie ok.

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