[PA-Furry] Im Alive ^_^

Francis Henry Firestar frank_firestar at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 18 12:12:42 EST 2003

Awwwww.... glad you made it through. Hey Emi.... when are we actually going to hang out.... well since you said you wanted to and all. E-mail me  aperfect time so we can maybe hang at Montgomery or Willow Grove Malls whichever you actually want to hang out at.
 EeoRaptor at aol.com wrote:Hey all, I made it through my surgery in one piece, and surprised my doctors by going home shortly after my surgery. Im a little sore but mobile again.. and I have some lovely pictures of it to prove. Apparently I had a 2 inch stone nestled in there.... no wonder I was so sickly. Anyways... Im all good... in case anyone actually worried ^_^

Emi ~ currently perkocet (or however it spelled) powered ^_^

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What would life be like if I never became furry..... would I be what the human race calls "normal". Something tells me that being normal shows that your boring.... so.... give me wings and talons over being "normal". 

The ever so changing ways of myself can be veiwed at www.angelfire.com/rpg2/lifeoffrank/index.html If you would like to comment please do... I always need some sort of input.

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