[PA-Furry] j0!

Black Fang BF_Universal_Blue at comcast.net
Wed Mar 19 17:42:22 EST 2003

> The ever famous STUFF....i like stuff...stuff is good..finding 
> stuff to do 
> is hard...go figure...

I be drinking stuff right now. And ya, this won't be the first time you 
read a message I write while I'm drinkn so don't worry :P. Most of the 
time I'm only drinking (hard) when online ;).

Shit! Well enough rambling, sort of. Anybody here like to gothy club 
type stuff? I haven't decided if I'm a clubber yet because I haven't 
gotten to go to any really despite how old I am. (I'm 23)  All I know 
is that I've gotten into industrial enough that my warez mp3z of 
different 'dustrial bands is all I listen to now (In Strict Confidence, 
Funker Vogt, Icon of Coil, FLA, etc)

~Like a falcon out of the blue descending from the sky, my brain 
collapses in the dead of night. Too much for my psyche, a nervous crack 
down. If your awake please join me. All the things you see, the same as 
what I see, listen to the sound of a nervous break down. Death blends 
with the will to live and all the things that freak me out.

I'm waiting for a sign.. to leave this place behind, where no one knows 
my name. And later we'll go down, we'll both break down and cry. Our 
last good bye.~  -Apoptygma Berzerk "Starsign"

> Ash,
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> (You'd think I have something with that name)
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