[PA-Furry] ok,back to business,i guess...

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Thu Mar 20 13:12:03 EST 2003

Shut Up! No Way! I have been dieing to make Indya. She is a purple realistic
bengal tigress. However I have no clue as to where to begin. I had to retire
Eltigra, a vampirian bengal tigress, because she was falling apart. I love


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> alright,time to pick myself up.
> ok!!here goes!!I need help on this project i'm
> working on: a fursuit.
> it is a foxmorph with bat wings.
> the model i am using for the foxmorph(minus
> wings)is off of the foxxfire gallery,when you
> choose which gallery you want to
> enter(wuffies,felines,scalies,equines,and so
> on)it shows a picture of each.the one for wuffies
> is what i am trying to copy exactly(and add
> wings)i have the hair and somewhat the build
> already.what i need is someone with an airbrush
> to come over and paint me,i have a turtleneck
> leotard and tights(both white)which cover me up
> nicely.i need to make fox ears and i am going to
> order a muzzle off of a website.the tail is going
> to be spring loaded and i'm looking to make it as
> fluffy as possible.and suggestions on the
> wings,however?i need some sort of way to open and
> close them cause the idea i was trying isn't
> working and the wingspan is already gonna be at
> least 10 ft total now.i want to have this ready
> for anthrocon cause the first fursuit is gonna be
> way too hot and this spandex one will work much
> better.maybe i can meet up at someone's house and
> work on it or something.email me at
> magnuszhor at yahoo.com or call me at 6103135590 to
> set something up.i love working on fursuits and
> inventing hard pieces,anyone wants to make
> one,you supply the materials and come over and
> we'll do it together.just let me know.
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