[PA-Furry] Your one of THEM!!!! @_@

Skytech skytech at ix.netcom.com
Sat Mar 29 13:12:01 EST 2003

> No relation to anything. Any PS2 fans out there? I've been renting and
> playing games again and now I'm actually glad I got this machine.
> Played The Thing and Hitman 2 recently and have enjoyed them both a
> lot. Hitman 2 was very movie like and The Thing had good 'ol corny
> video game horror.  "Billy went into the bathroom over an hour ago and
> didn't come back. I don't know man, its awfully quiet. I think he's one
> of THEM now." o_O

Just saw Dreamcatcher and 'one of them' takes on a new meaning.

Sorry, my console is the GameCube. Got it for two reasons, free and Starfox.
It definately is aimed at a younger market but there are a few of interest
for me. Could use a few more furry games. Now if they did one of those beach
volleyball games the other consoles are using to rope young, horny guys and
made them anthro!...


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