[PA-Furry] Broken PS2

kyraeus kyraeus at suscom.net
Mon Mar 31 21:42:02 EST 2003

>In actuallity, Kyraeus, you've improved my mood about this whole affair immensely. 

Glad to hear it, Exodite.. Any time I can help a fellow fur, I'm happy to do so.. 

At any rate, I'm just hoping that sorta thing doesn't happen to me again when I go to get a new PC or something.. working on this P166 is better than doing email and such on a dreamcast, like I used to.. but a nice P2.5 Ghz would be sooooo much better >.<

Anyways, best of luck with your PS2, Exodite.. I'd invite furs over to my place to play mine, but A) I live with my grandfather, and B) nofurry lives within 80 miles of me... even Emi's about a 2 and a half hour drive away >.<


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