[PA-Furry] md renfest

Skytech skytech at ix.netcom.com
Tue Aug 3 14:12:03 EDT 2004

Here is the official open Invitation, Come one come all!  Join me ,
Vulpes on september 11, at the Md renfest to celebrate my 34th birthday.
come early stay late and a enjoyable time to be had by all!!!!! bring
your friends, bring your enemys, on second thought make them buy their
own tickets. Garb (costumes) encouraged but not required. hope to see
you all there.

Thanks for the invite but I shall be dining with Queen Elizabeth that
day at the Pennsylvania RF though I shall encouage others to attend
for a royal birthday treat that it will be.

(BTW, in case I forget later, happy whelpday!)

The MD RenFest website is www.renfest.com and is in Crownsville for
those who can't make it to the Pa RenFaire for various reasons.
Either/or, everyone enjoy this latest Renaissance season!

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