[PA-Furry] Asking for help

tiggerkat at atlanticbb.net tiggerkat at atlanticbb.net
Wed Aug 4 12:42:05 EDT 2004

I know some Ohio furs monitor this list, and since I'm not on Ohiofur right now, I'd like to post 
this here.

Does anyone know any furs in/around the Columbus OH area that might need a roomie? 
Cause I might be back. Things are not tolerable here at home and I would really like to make a 
desperate attempt to get back in at FurTech(CallTech to the uninitiated). But I need a place to 
stay, and haven't been able to get much together. I already owe my ex-roomie money, still. It's 
been almost a year.

I know the above doesn't exactly inspire confidence. All I can do is throw myself on the mercy 
of the furdom in general.

email tiggerkat at atlanticbb.net with any info

Stripes McFelis

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