[PA-Furry] A good MUCK client...

Cydian Altir Bloodfyr bloodfyr at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 9 00:12:02 EDT 2004

Hi...I've been apart of the mailing list for a while, but I never really 
had anything really to say.

But now I do. (<--feels so special. ^_^) Aaaaanyways, like most of you 
probably do, I MUCK. I'm running a WinXP machine, and used to use 
MUCKClient from...Woofware, I think. Anyway...for some reason, suddenly 
it's become incredibly unstable, crashing frequently, and just being 

The point of this is...can anyfur recommend a good MU* Client for a 
WinXP machine?

  - Cydian

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