[PA-Furry] musickfest report

Nightwind nightwind90 at fast.net
Mon Aug 9 14:42:02 EDT 2004

Tseno Wolf wrote:
>>>>>>DO we even want to TRY to do this again next
> Howls all :)
> I would love to do Musikfest furry style this weekend :D I was
> actually hoping to go last weekend, but I ended up in San Jose, Costa
> Rica.  heh.  Guess everyone else missed last weekend too.  Well
> anyway, I'm not sure if I'll be able to or not, but I'll express
> interest in going if you do decide to try again this coming saturday.
> ~Tseno

Ok, gather at my place (reply offlist for dirrections, include your adress)

arrive about 12 ocklock.  I'll atempt to entertain for a bit, and we'll 
go at about 1 ocklock.

This saturday.

if you get lost, I'll be including my number...

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