[PA-Furry] Late August Meet

CruxVV m
Thu Aug 12 14:42:04 EDT 2004

A bit late, but I was dumb <.<  >.>  I was sending it to the wrong address 
 >.< .....

'Ello everyone.  I'd just like to confirm the previously tentative meet on
Saturday/Sunday, August 21/22.  That said, I'm taking suggestions for
activities.  My apartment is not exactly the biggest and parking is sparse
depending on the amount of cars, so I'd like to do something out on the town
first.  I've had a couple suggestions: a dinner somewhere or roller skating.
  I'm still looking into the feasibility of these two (places, reservations,
hours, etc.), but I could certainly use some more ideas.  Anyone?  Don't be
afraid to raise your paw/hoof/etc.  Well, I already have three RSVPs ;D so
it's definitely happening.  Drop me a line to RSVP or with ideas.. or even
just to chat: AIM: jackos77 or e-mail me at the above e-mail address.


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