[PA-Furry] (Update) Late August Meet In Harrisburg/Hershey Area

CruxVV m
Sun Aug 15 18:12:02 EDT 2004

Just thought I'd update everyone on the meet.  Below is the original e-mail, 
so for details and contact info, see there.  Well, I've thought about it and 
with some feedback, I've determined that roller skating doesn't seem too 
popular, due to lack of skill/risk of injury.  Sooooo, I guess we'll do 
bowling again.  I'll post the details later this week, i.e. addressed for 
both the lanes and my residence.  I'd like to start this around 5ish or so 
on saturday afternoon, and it'll go until sunday afternoon for those who 
want to stay the night.  Please, however, let me know that you are coming, 
as parking and perhaps space (depending on the amount of attendees) is 
limited.  I have a PS2 and a GameCube for any who wish to bring games, etc.  
Food... well, I'm pretty sure it'll be out somewhere, as I don't have the 
capability to cook for so many.  Oh, and please.. this is an alcohol free 
meet, so please do not bring it.  Besides... we don't need alcohol to have 
fun :D


>'Ello everyone.  I'd just like to confirm the previously tentative meet on
>Saturday/Sunday, August 21/22.  That said, I'm taking suggestions for
>activities.  My apartment is not exactly the biggest and parking is sparse
>depending on the amount of cars, so I'd like to do something out on the 
>first.  I've had a couple suggestions: a dinner somewhere or roller 
>   I'm still looking into the feasibility of these two (places, 
>hours, etc.), but I could certainly use some more ideas.  Anyone?  Don't be
>afraid to raise your paw/hoof/etc.  Well, I already have three RSVPs ;D so
>it's definitely happening.  Drop me a line to RSVP or with ideas.. or even
>just to chat: AIM: jackos77 or e-mail me at the above e-mail address.

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