[PA-Furry] Sullivan County Ren Faire

Arctic Snow _arctic_ at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 17 08:12:02 EDT 2004

I'm not sure anyone would be intrested but, on sept. 11th there
will be a mini ren faire in Lopez, PA.  

The faire will be very very very small, and its only one day
long.  I volunteer at the faire, and do children's crafts and
face painting.  I wonder how I was able to stick my paw in my
mouth and volunteered myself to do face painting when I never
done it at all before.  If anyone wants to travel litterally to
the middle of no where, and the ice box of the county, to watch
me make a complete fool out of myself as I try to attempt to
paint on squirming kids, please come. ;)

I thought i would just mention it.   

^_^ May the Forest Always Welcome You Warmly ^_^

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