[PA-Furry] Pittsburgh Area Furmeets.

Leslie Mann lsmann at dpsinfo.com
Sat Aug 21 07:12:04 EDT 2004

you know I'm coming dear ^_^
saddly buying my computer tapped my possible funds for a trip to Kennywood
but I could bring movies!
and games :)
I have some fighting games
some board games
and some rp games :)

-- Grizzdrop, The Goblin Queen

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the week for September 2-6 I am housesitting my
grandmothers house. She has approved a met there
should anyone want to. I would do it over Labor Day
weekend. There is plenty of crash space and a tv w/vhs
and dvd players. 

If anyone is interested contact me at 

neo_vero at yahoo.com


"The future is eternally fascinating because it hasn't happened yet." 
William Shatner

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