[PA-Furry] Pittsburgh FurMeet Clarification

Leslie Mann lsmann at dpsinfo.com
Sat Aug 21 17:12:04 EDT 2004

I have DnD, Rifts, and Fringeworthy but I can also play anything from WoD
I also have a game (RPG) I'm playtesting and looking for more testers :)

um.. fifth as in right off the city?

--- Grizzdrop

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I'm sorry that I didn't specify where I life.  I am in Shadyside, right on
Fifth Ave for anyone familiar with the layout of Pittsburgh.  Yes I did call
Beaver the wilderness I am sorry.  I was actually thinking of hosting the
gaming and movie night on September 10-11.  I do have a D&D world that could
be run if there are enough furs interested.

I would like to consistantly set up the meets to be on the second weekend of
every month.


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