[PA-Furry] Re: PA RenFur

Skytech skytech at ix.netcom.com
Sun Aug 22 05:42:11 EDT 2004

> sounds kewl i hope that i can get a decent group together with tails and
> such when i go... i was talking with my parents about getting a two day
> as well as getting some friends to do the same and picking a decent
> to go...  now they suggested something interesting to me...  their are
> grounds close by that are relativly cheap and allow 10 min? access to the
> renfaire.  either that or find someone in hershey that can put up me and
> some friends for those two nights... friday and saturday...  well not sure
> of the days gotta look ahead and talk with ppl.  but camp grounds are
> 20/night (2 nights = 40 bucks...) either that or 1 hr driving both ways
> my location... well what ever happends i'll be there a few times as i love
> that place! ^n.n^ well laters all.

I can see the dilemma since, if you do it only once for the season, it needs
a couple days to see as much as possible. That and the fact gas prices are
skyrocketing again. It take an hour for me too (67 miles) but I have the
royal pass and go every weekend and still find enough to see and do.

If I might influence your decision, the only Saturday I can't go is Sept 18,
however, if you want a furry weekend then I suggest the last two weekends in
October when we dress in full furry.

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