[PA-Furry] Van Helsing !

Ashtyn NightWolf ashtynnightwolf at hotmail.com
Thu May 6 12:12:06 EDT 2004

I'll be there... and probably early... either outside sucking on nicotine or 
sitting in the same area... or in the arcade >.>

My cell is 484-300-6512 if anyone gets lost as well..

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>Yepyep. As we decided, the meeting point is at the UA theater (this is also
>a good opportunity to get your tickets before they might sell out), and we
>will go find a place to eat before returning to see the movie.
>I'll be there at 8:00 PM waiting for you guys. I will be sitting at one of
>the tables around the corner from the concession stand, by the plasma
>screens and near the ticket box (where the usher rips tickets). I don't 
>how long we'll all be sticking around before finding a restaurant, so try
>your best to be on time. Last time a meet was arranged at KOP I had an
>uncomfortable experience, which was partially related to the fact that,
>after the meeting time, it is hard to find anybody in the group. If you 
>similar trouble, try and call the cell phone of somebody who you know is
>there (unless, of course, it's after 10PM and we're watching the movie). My
>cell phone is 484-xxx-xxxx [Removed at user's request. --Giza].
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> > Not to forget this Friday, in KOP Van Helsing....
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> >  :)
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