[PA-Furry] Being on the subject of Van Helsing....

Kyraeus kyraeus at suscom.net
Fri May 7 00:42:02 EDT 2004

Okie, here's the lowdown:

Found out at work today I wouldn't be able to get off for today's (7th)
viewing of Van Helsing down at KoP, so I said the hell with it, managed to
rip about an hour off the end of my shift, and caught the 12:01 showing this
morning.  Forgive the caps here, but I must be sure I get my point across:


Were-lovers at least would be thrilled with the effects, I think, as they
seemed, at least to me, absolutely well cg'ed and such.(As a given, I'm not
exactly in on the pulse when it comes to CG work, so my scale may be a lil
off)  No spoilers and all from me, but I definitely urge anyone who can to
go to the meet tonight, and if not, certainly catch this one ASAP.

Wish I could come along, guys, I'm sure it'll be a blast... Cheer Van
Helsing on near the end of the movie for me!


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