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And yet again my name confuses people! Ok, lemme clear this up.

Little Wolf is Karou Sumikage. Basically I was told I should pick an
alternate name because there's probably tons of Little Wolf's out there, so
I did. Now it just confuses people =P

So, from now on, call me Little Wolf =P

Karou "Little Wolf" Sumikage

PS: Yes, Van Helsing did Rawk...needed more back story though

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The furmeet tonight went great! Among the attendees were Fire D., Frank
Firestar, Chii kitty, LittleWolf, Ashtyn, Cyril, Shane, Fairfox, Marin,
Karou (right?), and myself. The last of us arrived around 8:20 at the
theater, and after we all got our tickets we went over to the mall and
looked for a good place to eat. We settled for oriental (The Japanese and
Chinese restaurants side-by-side in the foot court). Somehow, our timing
was -perfect-, and we wound up back at the theater and in the last good
available row. Five minutes more and we might not have found a block of 11
empty seats, save for the break-neck front seats!

Kyraeus did not lie! The movie was absolutely fantastic. In fact, it was
almost perfect, save for only the tiniest of technical flaws that probably
only I would ever notice. The story, the special effects, the sounds and the
music, the action, even the occasional comic relief...it was all perfect and
well-balanced. I am definitely getting this one on DVD. :-) And for anybody
looking for comparisons...Underworld is sheer crap next to this baby. ^_^

I definitely had a wonderful night, and I sure hope everybody else did as
well. Thanks Fire D, for suggesting the meet in the first place! And thanks
for everyone who came, I had a great time with you all, and it was great to
meet a couple of you for the first time. Let's do it again sometime!


Say...what was up with that cow? o.o

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