[PA-Furry] Van Boom-Mike!!!!

Byzantyn the Dragon capryhircus at comcast.net
Sun May 9 18:12:03 EDT 2004

Byzantyn Here

I made it back to PA okay (it was a quiet flight... no babies or
kids--whew!).  Went to Emi's Move-out Meet and had a good time.  Founds some
cool stuff at the yard sale and yummy bbq.  Finally got to see Matrix
Revolutions too--(spoiler joke:  IS TRINITY DEAD YET???) :D

Well I finally got to see Van Helsing.  I saw it with Metallicat at the
Reagon 22 in Warrington.  Well, it was extraordinary to say the least.  On
one paw, it was the most entertaining movie I've seen since ROTK...

On the other paw, either the projectionist was smoking something very
powerful or the theater got a bogus version of the film because I saw no
less that 100 instances of visible boom mikes and camera glare shields and
other equipment over the actors' heads!  The audience was laughing their
fannies off and it made the whole movie look like a practical joke!  It
spoiled an otherwise very cool movie.  Did anyone else see anything like

Appearantly, the print of the movie that was sent to this particular theater
(and it was an overflow-room I think) was poorly cropped.  It looks like it
was a raw 35mm print that was supposed to be cropped into a widescreen
format, but through most of the movie the upper black bar was missing, and
so all the camera and recording equipment over the actors' heads was in
plain sight!  At first I thought it was just few mistakes, but after seeing
dangling hydraulic hoses and stage lighting and hands with watches on them,
it became obvious something was very WRONG with this movie.

I figure it was improperly processed for distribution.  I haven't read about
anyone else seeing this version and there were only about 40 people in the
theater (half walked-out...).  I got four free passes from the management,
so I can see it again.

Unfortunately, it won't be the same; it'll always be tanted in my head.

Anyway, winghugs to everyone!


The flight of fancy we both embark upon as one,
Upon my wings from e'er to e'er we fly 'midst clouds and light,
Only to touch the ground to sate our hungers and slake our thirsts,
Of body and spirit and desires!


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