[PA-Furry] Thanks for the help! (moving day)

Gryffyn blkgryffyn at yahoo.com
Mon May 10 10:42:02 EDT 2004

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone to helped make
the mass fur migration of 2004 as painless as it was
probably going to get.

Special thanks to... (in alphabetical order to avoid
any semblance of preference. hah)

Byzan (for moral support)
Felix Softpaw

Fang and Max for taking time out of their day and
trucking out to rescue my poor old Amiga stuff and
give it a good home...

...and of course Billy T and the rest of Emi's family
for all their help and goodies and Inny and G's
family's for stuff unknown :)

Everyone's help was greatly appreciated.  I hope
everyone got home ok and got themselves cleaned up. I
know I needed a good de-funkification by the end of
the day. haha..

We'll let everyone know when we get things settled
enough to have a housewarming meet :)

Take care everyone!


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