[PA-Furry] Thanks for the help! (moving day)

skippyfox skippy at gamix.net
Mon May 10 18:42:02 EDT 2004

> Just wanted to say thanks to everyone to helped make
> the mass fur migration of 2004 as painless as it was
> probably going to get.

Your welcome, Gryff! I'm always happy to be able to lend a helping paw. You
and Emi deserve thanks as well, for being so kind and treating everybody to
the BBQ, DQ, and Mom's Pizza. (Geez...did we really go to both Dairy Queen
AND Mom's Pizza on Mother's Day? *laughs*)

> Everyone's help was greatly appreciated.  I hope
> everyone got home ok and got themselves cleaned up. I
> know I needed a good de-funkification by the end of
> the day. haha..

I took two showers today and I still feel icky. Maybe it's the sunburn. :-)
Enjoy your new home! It's a nice one :-)


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