[PA-Furry] Another Try

Crux m
Tue May 11 17:12:04 EDT 2004

Heyas everyfur!

Here I go again!  I'm trying to get together a gathering in the
Harrisburg/York area of Pennsylvania.  First off, I'd like to thank the furs
that did respond to the last one (I know, I know, .. the mail came in a bit
late. *shrugs*).  This isn't going to be an apartment/house meet, however
(though it might develop into one after the main activities).  I'm thinking
bowling.. perhaps billiards.. some outside stuff (provided it doesn't rain
and we can find space).   What did I mean about that comment?  Well, this is
going to be on Memorial Day weekend (May 29-31) and that's when a lot of
people tend to swarm to the parks.   It's still uncertain which day this
will be (Saturday, Sunday, or Monday), but I would like an idea of how many
will be attending.  So, raise your paw/claw/tentacle/etc. and be counted! 
Drop me an e-mail at m[REMOVED]@hotmail.com or AIM me at jackos77.


P.S.  if anyone wants to do something this weekend (May 15 & 16) drop me a line as well ;D

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